It is one of our goals here at to make data migration as painless as possible. follow the directions below on how to export information out of your current Quickbooks account.

Exporting People

Within Quickbooks, navigate to "Reports" > "Customer Contact List"

  1. Click on "Customize" in the top left corner.

  2. Click "Change Columns", This will allow you to choose the columns to include in your export

  3. Click "Run Report"

  4. Click "Export" and save as an Excel file

Exporting Givings

Within Quickbooks, navigate to "Reports" > "Sales" > "Sales by Customer Detail"

  1. Select the Date Range

  2. Click "Refresh" button

  3. Click the "Export" or "Excel" button, and save the file as an Excel file.

After you have done this, click here to learn more on how to import that information into Elvanto!

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