It is one of our goals here at to make data migration as painless as possible. follow the directions below on how to export information out of your current Logos account.

Exporting People

  1. Within Logos, navigate to "People Tab" > "Other Reports" > "selections Profiles"

           a) 1st Screen
                      i) Check "Full Individuals Profile"
                      ii) Check "Print Flagged Persons"
                      iii) Click "Next" Button

           b)2nd Screen
                      i)Enter in the report name
                      ii)Click "Next" Button

           c)3rd Screen (Criteria)
                      i)Leave Blank
                      ii)Click "Next" Button

           d)4th Screen
                      i)This is where you select the fields to import
                      ii)Click ">>" Button to select all fields
                      iii)Click "Next" Button

           e)5th Screen
                      i)check export "Microsoft excel 5.0 or greater"
                      ii)Click "Print"
                      iii)Fill in "File Name"
                      iv)Check "Save to Local Drive"
                      v) Click "Save" Button
                      vi) File will be saved in c:\Temp directory. 

You will get a pop up notice when it's done.

Exporting Giving


  1. Within Logos, navigate to "Contribution Tab" > "Donor Lists"

           a) 1st Screen
                      i)Check "Transactions by date (export)" - the text "(export)" is important, there's an option with it.
                      ii)Set the "Start Date"
                      iii)Set the "End Date"
                      iv)Click "Next" Button

           b) 2nd Screen
                      i) Check All the funds
                      ii)Click "Next" Button

           c) 3rd Screen
                      i) Select the following Fields:
                                       a) Envelope Number
                                       b) ID #
                                       c) Membership Number
                                       d) Name
                      ii)Click "Next" Button

           d) 4th Screen
                      i) Check Export
                      ii)Select "Excel 5.0 or Greater"
                      iii)Click "Print" Button to save

2. If you have non-deductible givings and want them imported, run the report again and select "Non-Deductible Transactions by Date" from the 1st Screen


  1. Within Logos, navigate to "Contribution Tab" > "Manage Funds" (dollar sign icon)

  2. Click Printer Icon

           a) Select "Excel 5.0 or Greater"
           b) Click "Print" Button

After you have done this, click here to learn more on how to import that information into Elvanto!

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