It is one of our goals here at to make data migration as painless as possible. follow the directions below on how to export information out of your current Faith Teams account.

Exporting People & Groups

  1. Within Faith Teams, navigate to Admin > Import/Export Data > and click "Export People"

  2. The download file will be a .csv file.

Exporting Giving

  1. Within Faith Teams, navigate to Contributions > Contribution Reports / Statements

  2. Click "Set Filter Criteria for Report"

               a) Select Report Type of "Contribution Statements"
               b) Select the Start and End dates
               c) Check "Show Contribution Details"
               d) Do NOT check "Combine Family Contributions to single Statement*"
               e) Check "Check All" Funds
               f) Click "Run Report"

3. Download Options: select "Download All"”
4. The download file will be a zip file with PDF statements for each person, and a file called "YourChurchName"-merged (This file combines all the statements in to one).

After you have done this, click here to learn more on how to import that information into Elvanto!

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