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The directions below will walk you through how to export information out of your current Realm church management account.

Let's get started! First, sign in to your Realm church management account.

Then follow the instructions below to export each section of information.

How to Export People

  1. Select "Reports" on the left menu

  2. Select "Custom Query"

  3. Find People where "Family Name" "is not blank"

  4. Select Show Results

  5. Click Preview and then "Edit Columns"
    a) Select all the columns you'd like
    b) Click Apply

  6. Click Preview and then "Download" as "Individual List (.csv)"

How to Export Groups

  1. Navigate to "Admin" > "Groups" > "All Groups"

  2. For each group you'd like to export:
    a) Click on Group
    b) Select the Gear Icon and pick "Export Roster csv" (this icon is on the top menu bar next to the group name.

How to Export Giving

  1. Navigate to the Reporting section

  2. Select Pre-defined Reports

  3. Go to the Giving tab, and select "Detailed Giving" - "Edit and Run"

  4. Select the appropriate date range

  5. Hit Run

  6. Once the report has been completed, click the printer icon and select "Export (.csv)"

After you have done this, click here to learn more on how to import that information into Elvanto!

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