At we strive to make data migration as painless as possible!

The directions below will walk you through how to export information out of your current Breeze church management account.

Let's get started! First, sign in to your Breeze church management account.

Then follow the instructions below to export each section of information.

How to Export People

  1. Select ‘People’

  2. Select ‘Export’

How to Export Financials

  1. Select ‘More’

  2. Select ‘Contributions’

  3. Select ‘Reports’

  4. Input date range

  5. Click "Columns" and select all the boxes

6. Select ‘Export as Excel’

How to Export Attendance

  1. Go to the Events tab

  2. Select any one event you wish to export attendance for and select ‘View Details’

  3. Click "Reports"

  4. Select an appropriate date range in the date selector

  5. In the event type selector, select as many event types you wish to export attendance for

  6. Click "Download as Excel"

After you have done this, click here to learn more about how to import that information into Elvanto!

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