Any new subscribers are added to the "General" list by default. However, if you want to create a new list for a certain group of people, for instance, the Youth Group or Women only, you can create a new group list so that you can send out Newsletters only those people.

To create a new Newsletter List following the instructions below:

1. Login

2. Click the 'Admin' menu found in the top right corner of your website, select 'Newsletter'

3. Click 'Add List' found in the Subscription List in the left menu

4. From here you can edit the name of the list, update settings and also add/remove subscribers from the list

Subscriber List Settings

Public means that when a newsletter is sent to this list that newsletter will be accessible from the Latest Newsletter link. Read more about Latest Newsletter by clicking here.

Add new subscribers to this list means that when someone subscribes to your newsletter they'll automatically be added to the list.

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