Once you have the Email Newsletter feature added on to your website, website visitors will see above the footer a space to subscribe to the church's newsletter. 

After the person has typed in their email address, a dialog box will appear to confirm they're not a robot.

Next, they will click 'Subscribe'

The subscriber will receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription. They will need to click 'Confirm Subscription'

Next, they will be directed to a page where they can update their information: First name, Last name, etc. and will now be confirmed and added to the list.

You are able to see confirmed, unconfirmed, and unsubscribed people as an Admin, to view this:

1. Login

2. Click the 'Admin' menu found in the top right corner of your website, select 'Newsletter'

3. Select 'Subscribers' in the left side menu

4. At the right of the   page  there is a filter dropdown to see confirmed, unconfirmed and unsubscribed. 

5. You can also view who is subscribed to which list by clicking on the subscription list on the left side menu

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