The email newsletter can be described as a newsletter that is sent out via email through the website. To learn more about the Email Newsletter click here.

Adding a New Newsletter

You are able to see confirmed, unconfirmed, and unsubscribed people as an Admin, to view this:

1. Login

2. Click the 'Admin' menu found in the top right corner of your website, select 'Newsletter'

3. Click 'Add Newsletter'

4. Update the fields below and then click 'Save Newsletter'

  • Email Subject

  • Send Newsletter From

  • Send Newsletter To

5. Your church's logo, contact details, social media icons, etc will be auto-populated at the top/bottom of the newsletter. 

6. Next you can click the "Add Section" button to add a custom section, events, news and sermons from the website. Choosing the "Custom" section will allow you to add a headline, sub-headline, content, a button and an image. Clicking Event, News and Sermon will pre-populate the section with content that has already been posted to your website. 

7. When selecting an Event, News Post or Sermon, you will see the option to select the post that you'd like to share in the Newsletter. 

See sermon Example below:

8. You can then edit the Heading, Sub-heading and content that will be added to the Newsletter.
Note: This will not affect the original post's content on the website, just the wording that is displayed in the newsletter. A button will be created to link to the full content.

9. Finally, click 'Save Selection'

10. Your newsletter will be saved and you are able to preview what it will look like in a subscribers inbox.

Note: After you've saved a section, a draft of your newsletter will automatically be saved. If you wish, you can leave the newsletter section of the site and come back to finish the newsletter at another time.

Re-ordering Sections

You can easily re-order the sections by clicking 'Re-order Sections' found below the logo

Next click, drag and drop the re-order handle found on the left of each section.

Sending a Copy

If you would like to send a copy of the Newsletter to yourself or someone else to preview, click the "Send Copy" Button. 

Schedule the Newsletter 

  1. When you're done creating your Newsletter, click the "Schedule" button.

  2. Set the Date and Time that you'd like the Newsletter to be sent. Note: If you select the current time or a time in the past the Newsletter will be published immediately.

  3. Confirm the Group list you're sending the Newsletter out to.

  4. Click the "Schedule Newsletter to Send" button to save your changes and schedule your newsletter

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