1. Login

2. Go to the Collection page you would like to add a new Program to (ie: 'Ministries' page)

3. Click on the FAB (edit pencil) which can be found on the top l eft  side of the page. Select 'Add Program' 

4. Fill out the relevant fields with additional options to insert a photo, video link and upload a file for download. The first photo you upload will act as the title image of the Program (ie: Ministry). All additional images will appear as a slideshow on the Program page. 

5. Finally, click 'Save Program'

Note: If you have a drop down menu, and you can't find your site's Ministry main page to click "Add Ministry", the work around is to manually type in /ministries after yourdomain.com. After you've made the new ministry group click here for instructions on how to add a new drop down menu item.

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