1. Login

2. Go to the Event, News or Blog page on the site. 

3. Select the Event, News Post or Blog Post you would like to delete and click on the FAB (edit pencil) which can be found on the top l eft side of the page. Select 'Edit...'

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Delete'

Alternatively, you can also access all Events, News or Blog posts from the Content section of your website.

1. Click the Admin menu in the top right of your website

2. Select 'Content'

3. From here you can click through to Events, News or Blog and see items in a list view.

4. Once you've clicked through to the area where you'd like to delete an item, hover over the item you would like to delete. 

5. Click the 'More' button on the right of the item and select 'Delete'

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