1. Login

2. Go to the Event, News or Blog Post that you would like to add your image(s) to and click 'Edit'. 

Note: If you haven't created the Event/News/Blog Post, go to the corresponding section and click 'Add New Event', 'Add News Post' or 'Add New Blog'. 

3. Next, Scroll down to the Images section and click 'Add Image' and choose the image to upload on your computer.
If you are looking to upload multiple images, you can click "Add Image" until all of your images have been added. 

Note: The first photo you upload will always be your main photo for that corresponding Event, News or Blog Post. Every image that is added after will scroll as a slideshow when the user is visiting that Events/News/Blog Post page. 

Note: Whenever you upload an image, there will always be ideal dimensions for you to use as a guideline. Using these dimensions will ensure that your images are being properly cropped and displayed. For example, these are the dimensions that will be shown for Event images. 

Note: All images should be 2GB or less. 

4. Finally, click 'Save Event', 'Save News Post' or 'Save Blog Post'.

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