You have the ability to control where each Event is displayed on your site by checking different boxes in the Placement section.

Blocks will pre-populate that event in the scrolling slideshow (if you have it set up to be that way), event blocks (ie: homepage)

Event Page will showcase/highlight your event on the events page (left side with images)
Event Page Sidebar will list your event only during the week the event is happening under "This Week's Events" on the event page

Calander will show your event on your website events calendar. The calendar view is a great way to see a monthly overview of all events. 


If your event is still being drafted and you don't want it live on the site quite yet, you can uncheck the 'Published'   check box (found right above the 'Save Event' button)  . When you're ready to share the event with everyone and make the event visible on the site, just recheck the 'Published' box and save your event.

To find unpublished events, Click on the Admin Menu, Content and Events.

If you are looking for information on Elvanto Events, click here.  
If you are looking for information on Free Events, click here.

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