Weekly events are displayed on the right-hand side of the Events page. Below are instructions on how to add and delete a weekly event. 

Adding a Weekly Event

Events that occur on a weekly basis can be added by going to the events page (/events) on your website. 

1. Click on the FAB (edit pencil) which can be found on the top l eft  side of the page. Select 'Add Weekly Event'

2. Add your Event Name, Day of the week, Time and Location. 

3. Select "Automatically generate weekly occurrences of this event", the event will duplicate weekly instances for the next 6 months.

4. Click 'Save'

Delete instances of the Weekly Event

If the event occurs on alternating weeks or if the event is cancelled for a holiday or scheduling reason, you can delete individual instances.

1. Click Edit on the event you wish to adjust.

2. Click the trash can beside the dates you want to remove.

3. Click Save

Add more dates to the event

Because you can only generate 6 months of weekly occurrences at a time, you will need to add more dates to the Event.

1. Click Edit on the event

2. Make sure the box that says " Automatically generate 6 months of weekly occurrences" is checked

3. Click Save

Delete a Reoccurring Event Entirely

If you have discontinued a program or no longer want that even on your website, then you can delete all instances of the event entirely.

1. Go to the Events page and click "Edit" beside the weekly event you would like to delete.

2. At the bottom of the page click "Delete This Event".

3. A pop-up window will appear asking if you would like to permanently delete the event, click OK.

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