How to add an event on sites, and a deep dive of each setting within events, including event timing, placement, registration, multi-day and recurring events.

Quick Add Event

From any page on the site, click the Quick Add Menu ' + ' next to the Admin Menu top right of the website, and then click Event in the drop-down

Add from the Events Page

On the events page (/events) on your website, click on the FAB (edit pencil) which can be found on the top left side of the page.

Select Add Event.

Event Details

Event Title and Subtitle

Enter your event title(s).


Enter where your event is taking place.


The associate field allows you to associate an event with a ministry. If associated, the event will display on the corresponding ministry page.

Event Date(s)

Select your event date by clicking the date field.
If your event is a multi-day event, you can use the Add Date, 7 Days Later, or 30 Days Later to quickly add additional dates. If your event runs weekly, check off Automatically generate weekly occurrences of this event.


Include your event details here.


The first photo you upload will act as the title image of the Event/News or Blog post. All additional images will appear as a slideshow on the corresponding page.


Insert a Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook URL to include a video on your event page.

File Downloads

If your event requires any downloads, easily add them to the event. Files should be in common formats, such as PDF, DOC, MP3, etc.


If you have a registration link from Elvanto, or another system, you can include your link here.
In the Registration Button Label, enter what you'd like the button text to say.

Event Placement

Where on your website you'd like the event to be shown

You have the ability to control where each Event is displayed on your site by checking different boxes in the Placement section.

Event Blocks will pre-populate that event.

Event Page will showcase/highlight your event on the events page (left side with images)
Event Page Sidebar will list your event only during the week the event is happening under "This Week's Events" on the event page

Calander will show your event on your website events calendar. The calendar view is a great way to see a monthly overview of all events.


If your event is still being drafted and you don't want it live on the site yet, you can uncheck the Published check box (found right above the 'Save Event' button). When you're ready to share the event with everyone and make the event visible on the site, just recheck the 'Published' box and save your event.

To find unpublished events, Click on the Admin Menu > Content > Events.

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