There are two different looks or templates that can be used on your site. One has a full width static banner on the homepage and the other has a scrolling slideshow. The scrolling front page slideshow allows you to display different banners as well as bring in the most recent news article, blog post and upcoming event. We suggest posting between 3 and 5 banners on the homepage. For instructions on how to edit your full-width static banner, click here. 

To edit a scrolling slideshow banner follow the below steps. 

1. Login

2. Go to the home page of your site and click 'Edit Slideshow' located on the top right of the scrolling banner.

3. From here, you will be able to Add a new banner as well as edit an existing one. 

Note: The right hand side of this page will always display a preview of what graphics will be scrolling in the slideshow.

Changing a Banner

1. To edit an existing banner, click on the edit button as seen below. 

2. From here you can change the type of banner as well as upload a new graphic. You can also add a link so when the banner is clicked it will direct the visitors to the link you've indicated.
For example, the banner below would link the user to the About page. 

3. Click 'Save Banner'.

Adding a Banner

1. Click the 'New Slide' button. 

2. Select the type of banner you would like to add, for example: Image Banner, Upcoming Event, Latest News Post or Latest Blog. If you are adding a regular banner, make sure to upload a graphic and choose where you want the banner to link to on the site. If you are wanting to add a Upcoming Event, Latest News Post or Latest Blog banner, select the banner type and click "Update Banner". 

Note: You will not need to add a graphic or link to an Event/News Post/Blog banner as  the site will automatically bring them in. 

Deleting a Banner

Hover over the slide you would like to delete, click More menu on right side, then delete.

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