You can customize the layout of most any page on your website using blocks (no coding knowledge required).

Note: You must activate Site Design to use Blocks on your website.

Below is a list of Blocks available and each block type also has several different layout options.

  • Text with Photo

  • Image Links

  • Gallery

  • Video

  • Events

  • News

  • Podcast (sermons)

  • Blogs

  • People/User (staff)

  • Icons

  • Contact Form

  • Map

  • Giving (available only to Giving customers)

  • Testimonials

  • Legacy

Add a Block to a page

  1. Click the '+' add block button, located on the lefthand side of window

2. Select the block type and a block will be added to your site

3. Customize block content, click the edit pencils to edit content (controls appear as you hover over block element)
4. Change the style or layout of the block by click 'Edit Block' which is located on the top right of the block

Change Block Layout

Every block type has different layout options. 

  1. Click the 'Edit Block' icon located in the top right of the block 

  2. Select Layout of choice from Layout tab and click 'Set Layout

Remove a Block

To remove a block, simply click the Edit block

  1. Click the 'Edit Block' icon located in the top right of the block

  2. Click the Settings (gear icon) tab, and click 'Delete"

Add Additional Elements to a Block

For example, the Icon Block by default has 3 icons across, simply click the 'Add element' button to add more icons to the block.

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