You can insert videos in   many parts of the site, the video will need to be uploaded to either YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook first. 

Here are the instructions on how to add the video to the text area.

1. Login

2. Go to the video on either YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook and copy the link to your video.

3. Go to the page where you want to add the video and click "Edit".

Click "Edit" for events, news posts, blog posts, and sermons and click "Edit Page" for ministries/programs.

4) In the text box, put your cursor where you would like the video to be added. From here, click the "Insert/Edit Video" button in the text box toolbar. 

5. Paste the copied link from your clipboard to "Source"

6. Click OK and then remember to save the page. 

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer and are having issues embedding a video, try using another browser such as Chrome as we have noticed Internet Explorer tends to have issues when trying to embed something on a page.

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