Galleries are now available using blocks. Please note that if you have not switched to Site Design you will need to do so before following the instructions below.

How to add a Gallery Block to any page:

1. Click the '+' to add a new block (located on the left side of window)

2. Select 'Gallery' block type. 

3. Next, edit the block content. While hovering over block the 'Edit Content' button will appear

4. Within the Edit content area, add text and upload images to appear in the gallery. To upload multiple images, you can click "Add Image" until all of your images have been added. 

5. To change the style or layout of the block, click 'Edit Block' which is located on the top right of the block. Update block accordingly.

Note: Whenever you upload an image, there will always be ideal dimensions for you to use as a guideline. Using these dimensions will ensure that your images are being properly cropped and displayed. 

Note: All images should be 2GB or less. 

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