Option 1 - Canva

Utilize an online service such a Canva. We were really excited when we found this service because it allows anyone to easily create beautiful graphics for free. It may take a bit of time to learn it, but it will be well worth the investment.

Website: http://canva.com

Click here for more information on how to design graphics with Canva. 

Option 2 - CreationSwap + LiveSwap

Option 3 - Volunteer

Put out a call to your congregation to see if someone has skills with graphics. For example, we volunteer at our church to put together the website graphics and anything we post on social media or on Sunday mornings. There may be someone in your community who would be excited to assist with this. 

Option 4 - Learn a Program

There are many free and paid graphics computer applications for download.

Example:  Photoshop Elements

All this being said, we have created the website in a way that text on graphics aren’t a necessity. Often, uploading a nice photograph will do the trick. We hope these suggestions help!

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