You always tell us how much you appreciate having a website that is easy to update. We love that we've been able to help you solve this problem. Now you've asked us to help you solve another one, "How can we make sure people at the church actually see our website updates?"

Here's how the Email Newsletter Add-On works

1) Website visitors subscribe to your Email Newsletter. They enter in their email address on the website. Then they are asked to complete their info, and check their inbox to confirm their subscription. This ensures that you comply with all Canadian Anti-Spam Laws in regards to email subscriptions. 

Please Note: If you have the Newsletter feature turned on, the signup bar will appear. This is automatic when the feature is turned on and cannot be turned off unless the newsletter feature is turned off.

Here, members can also ask to be subscribed to the newsletter within their Directory account!

2) Create a Newsletter

When you would like to send a newsletter (ie. weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) you create a new one and schedule it. The great thing is that no designing or formatting is ever required on your end as it’s all been done in advance. Your logo is added to the top automatically. You then can add Events, News, Sermons, etc. All the info and images are pulled in from the website. You can also create Custom areas to add additional messages.

Note: For detailed instructions on how to create an email newsletter, click here. 

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