Changing a Person’s People Category

You can change a person’s people category a couple of different ways in Elvanto! You can do this either from a person’s profile or via Mass Manage. 

First, we will show you via a person’s profile! When you view a person’s profile the left hand sidebar will have an ‘Actions’ area. From here click on the ‘Change People Category’ option.

You’ll be given an option to move their entire family over as well when doing this.

Next, through Mass Manage you can do this as well! In a people view you can select a number of people using the checkboxes on the left. Once you’ve selected the people you want to change, click the ‘Mass Manage’ button. Here you can select which people category you wish to change them all to.

Once you’ve made your selection click the ‘Perform Mass Manage’ button

Changing a Person’s Status

The process here is very similar to that of changing a person’s category! Except, to change a status, there are some specifically formatted buttons for you on a person’s profile. Here is a screenshot of what that looks like! You can change people’s status to Contact, Archived, or Deceased.

This can also be done via Mass Manage as well! Just follow the same directions as above and change the status there for many people at once. 

Reactivating Archived People

Did you accidentally archive some members or do you plainly need to reactivate an archived person? No worries, this is an easy process! 

First, you will Go to People > All People.

In the filter dropdown, expand on Status, and select ‘Archived’. Click the ‘Apply’ button to reload the list of people.

In Table View:

Click the ‘Mark as Active’ or ‘Mark as Contact’ link underneath the person you wish to reactivate.

In List View:

Click the ‘Mark as Active’ button, or select the Drop down to Mark as a Contact.

Locating Deceased People’s Profiles

Lastly, you can easily locate deceased people’s profiles through creating an easy advanced search. Here is a walk through of that process. 

First go to People > Advanced Search.

From here, you will want to perform an advanced search with the filter of Deceased > Only show deceased people.

This will return a list of the people in your database that have been marked as deceased. You can then reactivate anyone incorrectly marked as deceased as needed.

Changing people’s statuses and categories doesn’t have to be a complex and confusing process. With Elvanto you can change this easily and manage your contacts after changes have been made, easily. 

Note: The ability to perform all of  these actions is based on your access permission. If you can’t find certain options you are most likely missing access to perform these functions. Please contact the SuperAdmins on your church's account directly and they can extend your permissions! 

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