In this guide, we'll go over configuring to push transactions over to Think Ministry's Ministry Platform.

Before we begin, here are a few FAQ's we'd like to clear up:

  • What does the integration do? The integration pushes transactions made in over to Ministry Platform. Transactions are linked to donors who match in and Ministry Platform Donors. 
  • When does the sync occur? Transactions are pushed over to Ministry Platform whenever a deposit occurs. The transactions that made up the deposit will be pushed over to the new batch.
  • What happens when there is no matching donor? If a unique donor cannot be located, the donation is assigned to the default donor. The transaction details includes all the donation info including the name and email to assist the admin in assigning the donation to the proper donor.

To start, you'll need to have 3 pieces of information from Ministry Platform:

  • Your domain name/URL
  • A Client ID
  • The Client Secret associated with the Client ID

How to setup your integration:

  • Once you have the items listed above, login to your Admin account
  • Navigate to My Churches > Edit Organization
  • Click the "Integrations" tab
  • Select the "Ministry Platform" option from the Integration drop down
  • Once here, enter your base URL to your Ministry Platform installation
  • Then enter your Client ID and Client Secret
  • If you would like donations to be passed over as loose transactions, check the checkbox at the bottom labeled "Send Transactions Without A Batch". If this box is unchecked, a new batch will be created and all transactions within the deposit will be pushed into the batch
  • Finish by clicking "Configure"

Adding Giving Types:

  • Once your integration is configured, you'll need to pull over your active programs as giving types for your donors to make designations for their donations.
  • Click on the "Giving Types" tab
  • Click on the "Resync Integration Giving Type" link
  • Then click on the "Resync Giving Types" button
  • Your active programs will be pulled over from Ministry Platform as new giving types
  • Any giving type without an Integration ID should no longer be used for taking donations. You should change the status on these to "hidden"
  • For any giving types you would like to show on the donation form, change the status to "active"
  • You can change the names of the giving types if you'd like and/or reorder them as you see fit.
  • Should you need to add another giving type, create a new program in Ministry Platform then repeat these steps
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