Welcome to the Label Printing tutorial article. In this article we will be looking at the following:

  • Which printers our system supports 

  • What software to download

  • Printing directly from a device 

  • Setting up a Print Station

  • How to use set up label printing for Check In

  • Label formatting 

  • And some of the different settings

What we won’t be discussing in depth are 

  • Check In (see Check In Video)

  • Barcode scanning

If you need assistance with these two areas please reach out to our support directly at support@tithe.ly

So let’s get started…

Supported Printers 

TElvanto currently only supports DYMO label printers. DYMO label printers work well with Elvanto to allow a seamless integration with the check-in system.

We are confident that any DYMO LabelWriter 400+ will work with our check-in system. 

We have currently tested the following models:

  • DYMO LabelWriter 400 (takes twice as long as the 450 to print labels)

  • DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo

  • DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo

  • DYMO LabelWriter Wireless

When printing to a DYMO label printer, their SDK (Software Development Kit) allows us to print a label with the click of a button, directly from your browser.

We hope to integrate with Brother and Zebra label printers in the future, but we are waiting for the manufacturers to release better support for browsers.

We support the following Dymo label sizes:

  • Address (89 x 28 mm)

  • Large Address (89 x 36 mm)

  • Large Address (70 x 54 mm)

  • Shipping (101 x 54 mm)

  • Medium (57 x 32 mm)

The labels you use need to be landscape orientation so that all information and logos fit. 

To view and select your label size, log into your account and go to Settings > Check-in Settings. If we don’t support your label size, email us and we’ll try to add it in for you.

Customizing Label Designs and Information

We support various label sizes. The labels you use need to be landscape orientation so that all information and logos fit.

To view and select your label size, log into your account and go to Settings and select Check-in. If we don’t support your label size, email us and we’ll try to add it in for you.

The template for your check-in labels can be customized to suit your needs. Under settings > Check-in, there is a section for changing the label templates.

From there, you can drag in custom fields to include in the labels and also add a logo to the label. The information on the labels, when printed, will then line up with the information stored for the individual.

Software Requirements

Software for Windows

Below is the software required for label printing on Windows machines.

Please note: We do not currently support the more modern "Dymo Connect" software yet. We hope to support this in the future.

Software for MacOS

Below is the software required for label printing on Mac machines.

Please note: After the software is installed, restart your computer before trying to print labels.

While the DYMO LabelWriter Wireless is able to print from an iOS or Android device using the DYMO Connect app, we are unable to use it to print via the browser on iOS or Android devices at this point in time.

Direct Tablet Printing

You can print labels from your iPad, iPhone, Android or any other internet enabled device. 

Microsoft Surface Go, or other Windows based tablet allow you to check-in and print directly. Download the software directly to your Windows based tablet. This will connect the Dymo printer for direct label printing. 

This is currently the only device we currently support for direct printing. 

For all other devices, such as a computer, iPad or Android tablet, you will need to set up a Print Station in order to print labels upon check in. 

What Is a Print Station?

Due to restrictions on what devices can use Dymo software, not all devices can print labels directly. When using these devices, you can still print labels by using a print station. Print stations allow you to check-in using a tablet, and then have the labels printed and collected by your volunteers and parents.

Print Stations are desktop computers or laptops that have a label printer attached to them. They allow you to print labels from any device or computer that doesn’t have a label printer installed.

There are two ways to utilize a print station. One, you can use the print station computer as your check-in device. Two, you can use a tablet or an iPad to connect to your print station. 

Setting up your label printers and making sure they work properly the first time saves a lot of time and energy down the track. Let’s take a look at the different options you have and what you need to ensure these are set up correctly.

Equipment required for a print station

  • Dymo Label Printer 

  • Computer capable of running the Dymo Software.            

(Mac OSX, or Windows)

  • A printer connected to the computer (wireless or USB)

Settings that need to be put in place.

In the Check-in settings, which can be found by navigating to the Settings page in the User Nav, you can specify how many print stations you have and what their names are. The different check-in rooms can then be linked to specific print stations.

Adding Print Stations

Go to Settings and once the page loads, select Check-in.

Find the heading ‘Label Print Stations’ and add a name for your Print Station.

Note: the name of your Print Station doesn’t need to match your Computer Name. This is a ‘Print Station’ name you want to associate the computer with.

Once saved, simply navigate back to the Check-in page and click on the ‘Start Print Station’ button.

Printing Labels from a Print Station

Go to the Check-in page on the navigation menu, and click on ‘Start Print Station’.

Select the name of the Print Station you’d like to print labels for and it will start checking for new labels to print. You will need to leave this page open in a separate tab or window as it needs to be opened to pick up any new labels sent to the Print Station.

Printing Labels from a wireless device or computer without a label printer attached

When you open the Check-in page from a device without a printer connected, it will give you an option to select the Print Station you would like to use. Firstly, select the Print Station to direct printing to, and you can continue to use the device for the Check-in process.

Checking-in from the Print Station computer

Different check-in rooms can be assigned to different print stations, so that when youth and adults are checked into those rooms, the labels are printed at the correct station for that room. The computer being used for the Print Station can still be used to Check-in people for the Service. 

Using Multiple Print Stations

Multiple print stations allow you to have different stations for your rooms and even at use them at different locations at once. When printing, simply select the Print Station you want to print to before commencing checkin. You’re also able to set a default Print Station to print to in room settings, which is especially handy when checking people in.

Start Printing Labels for your Services

Once this has been set up, you’re ready to start checking people in for your services

Keeping Print Stations efficient

To make sure you have a balanced ratio of printers, we recommend checking in on the leaders manning your stations. Print Stations are a really great way to cut costs and centralize the check-in process, but it’d be a shame if people had to wait 15 minutes every time they needed a new label or barcode!

Troubleshooting your printer

If your printer is not working after following our installation instructions above, view our troubleshooting guide. For OS issues, see our  OS specific guide.

For more information of training volunteers, check out our “Training Volunteers to use Check In” guide. 

For more information regarding Check In settings, Security Codes and Label formatting, please refer to our Check In article. 

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