Your church may use Pledge Campaigns to raise money for needed items or activities. They may also encourage you to start a pledge to help you reach personal giving goals! Below you can see how to set up a Pledge Campaign and give to that pledge over time. 

Setting Up Pledge

  1. First, you will need to locate and open your church’s Campaign Link. This could be sent out by your church to members or located on your church’s website! 

  2. Put in your pledge amount, frequency, start and end dates, and an optional memo. You also have the option to set up automated giving here so that the pledge will be fulfilled automatically during the date range you set. Here is a screenshot of what you will see when setting that up. 

3. Click “Add Contact Info”

4. This will then show the page below. Just complete the contact information needed there!
5. Click “Pledge 'amount, frequency'” as shown below. 

6. Just confirm the pledge from there! 

After you confirm this pledge you will get a confirmation email that will look much like the email below. 

Giving to Pledge

To give to a pledge campaign through you will need to follow the giving reminder link sent from your church! If you don’t have this reminder, you can just use the link in the original confirmation email sent after setting this up! Here is how you can give there: 

  1. Click “Fulfill my pledge now” 

2. Just give as usual with the specified giving form! 

That’s it! Setting up a pledge and giving to that pledge shouldn’t be a difficult process! Feel free to reach out to us at or through the chat bubble in the lower right corner. :) 

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