Adding a giving button to your website doesn't have to be difficult or confusing! You can either use the direct link that takes people to your dedicated online giving form or you can embed your giving form right into your website using your embed code. 

Here's an overview video :)

Read below for detailed instructions.

#1 - Using Giving Form Embed Code

Things to note before you begin:

Before attempting to embed a code on your website please make sure your theme or subscription allows for custom code. If it does not you will need to use method #2 on this article or upgrade your subscription.

It is also important to know if your website is SSL secure. If your site does not has SSL security the giving button will warn users that the site may not be secure. You can tell is your site has SSL Security if it starts with HTTPS. If your site only starts with HTTP you do not have this and will need to contact your website provider.

Retrieving your giving form Code:

  1. Login to your account and click on the "Website Giving" tab located in the left menu. You'll see a page that looks like the below screen shot.

  2. If you have multiple organizations (churches, campuses, ministries, etc) setup in your account, select the correct organization from the drop down located near the top.

  3. Copy the HTML code from the top of the page labeled "Simple Giving Widget."

Embedding the form code into Wix:

If you have a account log into the admin side of your website. Locate the page you would like to add your giving button.  

In the left hand menu click the ‘+’ to add a new object. Locate the ‘More’ tab then drag and drop the ‘HTML iframe’ object onto your page.


A grey box will be placed on your page. Click on ‘Enter Code’ this is where you will place the Simple Giving Widget Code. Reference above if you need help locating your code.

Once you have placed the code be sure to set the width to 600px and the height to 800px

Save and preview and your giving button should be working! 

If you would like to center your button check out this article

If you cannot or don't want to use the embedded method, you can copy your dedicated giving form URL by scrolling to the bottom of the Website Giving page and looking for the section titled "Direct Link". Your dedicated giving form URL can be copied from there.

Your Direct Giving Link can either be pasted anywhere you desire on your site or if your site allows, it can be added as a button.

Just add the direct giving link in the URL dedicated section and click save

Note: If you would like to edit your giving button check out this article.

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