People Settings

The first settings area to look at is of course the People Settings, under Settings > People. 

When a new person is automatically added to the database, either through a form, registering a new account or from online giving, you need to determine what people category that person needs to be added into.   

We have three options: 

  1. Congregation

  2. Visitors/New people

  3. Community Contacts

Once you've chosen with people category they should be in you can insert and choose what information you enter for each person. 


If you are happy for this to be a default setting you can record what State and Country you are located in so its account wide.   (if applicable)

Name Formatting
You can choose how you would like to display and order people names. By default, if you choose to display preferred names, it will output their first name if no preferred name exists. In the below examples, Stephen would be the person's first name and Steve his preferred name.

There’s 4 options here, and they relate to if we show a person's preferred name or first name. Going down the list we have:

First name - This will always show the users First name, no matter if they have a preferred name or not.
Preferred name - This will display their preferred name in brackets after their first name, if they have one. If they don’t have one, it will display just their first name by itself.
Preferred name - This will display the users Preferred name if they have one, and if not it will display their First name
Preferred name - This will display the users Preferred name with their first name in brackets if they have a preferred name. If they only have a first name it will simply show their first name by itself. 

Display in Emails & SMS:
There’s only 2 options for this one. Similarly to the “Display” setting this looks at how we display names and if we display their preferred name or first name, but this looks specifically at how the first name placeholder gets treated in emails. The default setting of %steve% will display the users preferred name if they have one, and display their first name otherwise. You can change it to always show their first name instead of the preferred name if desired.

Order By:
This setting controls how we display and sort the Full Name field. If set as the default “First name” setting, it will display full names as “First Name Last Name”, for example “Stephen Brown”. If you change this to “Last Name” it will change it to “Lastname, First name”, for example “Brown, Stephen”. As this field is ordered alphabetically it also lets you sort lists of people by last name or first name.

Full Legal Name Display:
Within Reports and letter templates we have a “Full Legal Name” field that can be used as needed. This field is a combination of the user’s First, middle and Last names.  You can choose to have this formatted in one of three ways.
First Middle Last - For example Stephen Martin Brown
Last Middle First - For example Brown Martin Stephen
Last, First Middle - For example Brown, Stephen Martin 

This field doesn’t look at the users Preferred name and will always use their first name field.

We then have a checkbox to select if we want to display the user’s full middle name in the Full Legal Name Field, or just to show their Initial. In the above examples, it would either just be “M.” if enabled, or the default “Martin”

Removal Of Year DOB and Anniversary in ‘My Profile’

When a user edits their date of birth or anniversary from their 'My Profile' page, you can allow or disable them from removing the year. Some people may not like to disclose their age, so you can choose if you'd like that field to be populated. 

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