Family members in your church can be linked together through import or within the ‘Family Members’ tab of an individual’s profile. Elvanto supports immediate family structures best, and has the following relationships built-in: Primary Contact, Spouse, Child, Sibling, Grandfather, Grandmother, Partner and Other.

There is no gender distinction between a Primary Contact or a Spouse. For example, you can have a male Primary Contact and a female Spouse, or a female Primary Contact and a male Spouse. We recommend setting the Primary Contact to whoever the first point of contact would be within the family.

For example, say you have the Smith family and the Belle family who both attend the church. When their children get married, they would no longer be a part of their parent’s family but would start a NEW family together.


While there are a number of ways to group and tag children within the system, Elvanto recognizes an individual as a child when they are marked accordingly within a family unit (even if their parents aren’t in the system). We aren’t strict when it comes to age limits for children, but we recommend marking people as adults when they become independent or move out of home. Elvanto doesn’t charge for children in the system.

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