There are three ways to mark a person as a child.

  1. From the person’s profile
  2. By Mass Manage
  3. By importing people

From the person’s profile

For this, you’ll need to bring up the profile of the individual in the Admin Area. In the person’s profile, go to ‘Family Members’ tab where you will then see a snippet view of each member of the family.

Click on the dropdown menu under the family member’s name and select ‘Child’ from the list.

The person will now be marked as a ‘Child’.

By Mass Manage

You can mass update people and mark them as a child. The best option would be to do an Advanced Search from your People page. You might have a demographic that all your children are stored in which you could search by.

Once a list has been generated, scroll to the bottom and use the Mass Manage tool to select Change People’s Field > Family Relationship > Child.

By Importing People

You can create a CSV file listing archived people which can then be imported. Simply mark ‘Child’ as a value to import under ‘Family Relationship’ and map this column during the import process. See here for a comprehensive list and sample files for importing people into ChMS.

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