In a Person’s Profile

Go the user profile of the person you want to archive, mark as a contact, or mark as deceased. In the Actions pane, click on ‘Archive’.

Mass Manage

You can create a People View or do an Advanced Search to find the list of people you wish you archive. Once you bring up the list, select the people you’d like to archive and then scroll down to the ‘Mass Manage’ heading.

In the ‘Choose Action’ dropdown, select Change People’s Field > Archived > Yes, and click on ‘Perform Mass Manage’.

By an Import File

You can create a CSV file listing archived people which can then be imported. Create a column called Archive and add a ‘Yes’ against the person you wish to be Marked as Archive. For more information on importing, read our Importing People article.

Note: This is for Elvanto Legacy Plans Only.

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