There are three main ways you can change a person’s People category in ChMS.

  • In a person’s profile
  • Via Mass Manage
  • Via an Import File

Please note, the ability to perform this action is based on your access permission. If you can’t find certain options you are most likely missing access to perform these functions.

In a person’s profile

When you view a persons profile the left hand sidebar will have an ‘Actions’ area. From here click on the ‘Change People Category’ option.

You’ll be given an option to move their entire family over as well when doing this.

Via Mass Manage

In a people view you can select a number of people using the checkboxes on the left. Once you’ve selected the people you want to change, click the ‘Mass Manage’ button. Here you can select which people category you wish to change them all to.

Once you’ve made your selection click the ‘Perform Mass Manage’ button

Via an Import File

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