You can perform an advanced search by specifying a criteria of who you’d like to search for and export the information into Excel, CSV or PDF format.

To perform the advanced search, simplynavigate to People > Advanced Search.

The next page gives you two main sections where you can specify what you want to search by and what you want to display.

Specify Filter Criteria

This section allows you to define what information you want to search on.

Display As

This dropdown allows you to specify if you want one result per family, or two display each individual that matches the filters.


This allows you specify what type of logic you want to use between the different filters.

  • All of the following fields (People must match each filter to appear in the results)

  • Any of the following fields (People only have to match one filter to appear in the results)

  • Advanced Create your own logic (This allows you to specify your own combination of AND and OR statements. Read this article for more information)


The next dropdown is the criteria you’re searching for. This can be any of the built-in fields or custom fields that are in the system. Each filter is split into three different selections.

Field to search on
This specifies the field you’re going to be looking at in the people’s profiles

How to match this field
This allows you to look for values that exactly match, or contain the value specified or simply look for values that are empty or exist.

Value to search for
This will allow you to specify the value you want to search for

For example, if you wanted to find all the males in your account with an email address, you’d have the following filters.

Fields to Display

This section allows you to specify the information you want to display when viewing results.

Simply click the X  in “Display Fields” if you don’t want to see that field and click the green + to add fields from the ‘Available Fields’ section.

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