Notes can be categorized which is beneficial for viewing and reporting. They can also be made private. A user will always be able to see any notes they have made, or any notes that are scheduled for them to complete though, even if the note is a private note, or in a category that can not normally see, as discussed below.

Note Categories

To create Note Categories, log into the Admin Area and navigate to Settings and once the page loads, select Note Categories.

Here you can create categories, assign them a color and choose whether the notes are private by default. You can also limit what Access Permissions can view the notes in specific categories, meaning that people only see the notes they should.

In this example, any notes created in the note category ‘Pastoral Care’ is created as a Private Note (see below) and can only be viewed if a person is in Admins or Group Leaders access permission.

Private Notes

When creating a new note, the user has the option of making the note private. By default, only Super Admins can see private notes, but you can also allow different Access Permissions the ability to view them by editing access permissions.

If working through Account Set Up: 

⬅️Go back to Account Set Up Overview

➡️Go to Member Directory

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