In this guide, we'll go over configuring to push transactions over to Planning Center (aka PCO).

Before we begin, here are a few FAQ's we'd like to clear up:

  • What does the integration do? The integration pushes transactions made in over to Planning Center Giving. Transactions are linked to donors who match in and Planning Center People. 
  • When does the sync occur? A new batch is created in Planning Center Giving whenever a deposit is made. The transactions that made up the deposit will be pushed over to the new batch.
  • What happens when there is no matching donor? A new person will be created in Planning Center People and the transaction will be linked to the new person. Refer to Planning Center's help on how to handle duplicate people if you identify the new person to be a duplicate of another person in Planning Center (with a different email address).
  • Why do I need Planning Center Giving? Planning Center tracks all donations in it's Giving add-on regardless of source. There is no other place to put donation history in Planning Center.

To start, you'll need to have the Planning Center Giving module and have completed the setup. You may be asked to setup a Stripe account during the setup. This is a requirement of Planning Center Giving, but it is free and you don't have to use it.

How to setup your integration:

  • Ensure that you have setup your funds in Planning Center. 
  • In Giving, click Manage>Funds. 
  • Add any funds here that you would like to see as giving types in (or matching your existing giving types)
  • Once your funds are setup you can go here and generate your Personal Access Tokens. You'll need this in order for to connect to your PCO account.
  • In a new tab, log into your admin dashboard and go to My Churches>Edit Organization>Integrations
  • Select Planning Center then copy and paste your tokens from Planning Center into their respective fields, then click the Configure button.
  • Check your Giving Types to ensure the Integration IDs are set to values other than 0 and your desired funds are set to active

You're all set! Going forward, a new batch will be created in PCO Giving whenever a new deposit is paid out, allowing you to quickly audit both platforms to ensure they are matching.

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