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Access Permissions
Allows you to set up custom access for individuals or groups of people in your account.
Perform a task that relates to a specific area within Elvanto.
Active Adult
An active adult is a member of your church that has not been marked as a contact or archived, and has a family relationship other than Child.
Active Person
A person who is in some way active in your church. They might attend your services, give financially, or volunteer.
A log of actions that have been made by or are connected with a person or group's profile.
Admin Area
The back end administration area where you can manage your database.
Archived Person
A person who is not deleted, but hidden in your database due to inactivity. You might want to archive a person to hide them from reports, or from the list of active people. Archived people do not count towards your plan limit and can be reactivated at anytime.
Items or rooms that can be linked to calendar events.
The times and days a volunteer is available to volunteer for a service.
A collection of donations.
Built-in Reports
Pre-defined and inbuilt reports available for quickly generating information related to the different areas in your account.
A calendar for church-wide events, added to by creating events, services, or group meetings.
Chart of Accounts
Financial Categories which allow you to categorize your giving into different areas or ministries.
A feature set up to allow children and/or adults to be checked in to services.
Elvanto recognizes children marked accordingly within a family unit (even if their parents aren't in the system). See this article for further clarification.
Comprehensive Report
Allows you to pull together multiple standard reports and other statistics in to one big report.
A person who is not a member of your church, but stored on the database for community outreach purposes. Contacts do not count towards your plan limit and are stored in the system at no charge. Read this article for instructions on how to mark someone as a contact.
Custom Fields
Custom fields can be used to store additional contact information or relevant data such as interests, birthdays or answers to a survey.
Provides an overview of your account and lists any upcoming events and people notes.
Demographic Progression
Allows you to set-up a system to move any person within a demographic into another demographic automatically based on either their age or school grade.
Demographics help organize the different groups, items and types of people within your church.
Used to determine what areas your volunteers serve in.
Development Child
This field is used to indicate the child is still going through early stages of development, such as toilet training or still learning to walk.
Elvanto LIVE
A feature that allows you to run your service plan through a live and interactive system on the day of the Service.
Events that are created in your Calendar.
Allows you to collect information from people.
Giving Number
Optional feature which allows you to match and link transactions to an individual.
Giving Statements
Personalized donor statements that list a person's transactions over a period of time.
Allows you to create different types of groups used in your church. Useful for facilitating things like small groups or leadership groups. Groups can at times be confused with Departments.
A different layout in your account. This can include a custom logo, colors and more.
The different campuses of your church.
Login Status
Change a person's ability to log in into an account.
Member Area
The area predominantly used for volunteers and people you want to communicate with.
Member Directory
A place where members can access a predefined list of church members and their contact details.
See Departments.
Note Category
The category of a note, beneficial for selective viewing and reporting purposes.
A place to store information that isn't stored elsewhere in the system. Able to be locked down and categorized.
Online Giving
Transactions that have been made through an online payment provider and matched against an individual through software integration.
A place to create static pages of content.
People Category
The category a person in your account fits in to.
People Flows
Something that documents and tracks different processes in your church in a step-by-step flow.
People Notes
Notes attached to a person's profile related to that person.
An individual whose information is stored in your Elvanto database.
Pledges track what monies have been pledged by an individual over a certain period of time.
A place to share updates, information and articles or other dynamically updated information. Similar to a blog.
The first point of contact within a family unit.
Reports To
The delegated person volunteers report to, which can be defined within both departments and individual profiles.
Rooms that you can check people into.
A list or plan of assigned roles assigned to volunteers for services.
Saved Report
A saved report is a static snapshot of the information inside a report. This allows you to edit the data within Elvanto, before exporting it into another format, or sharing the report. Saved reports will not automatically update to reflect changes within the System though.
Volunteers that are assigned to serve for a service.
Security Code
Generated unique code that matches an individual or a family. Can be used to check in.
A service or event that is run on a particular date.
Service Plan
A runsheet or schedule which lists items and elements of a service in the system.
Service Teams
Teams of volunteers that serve together that are managed and scheduled on services together.
Service Type
Predefined templates of services that contain details of the services you hold regularly.
Show text information, a Facebook or a Twitter feed on the right side of the Member area.
Accessing and managing songs to be used for the service or for the church.
Special Needs Child
This field is for children with special needs, who don't fit to the demographic progressions you may have set up. People with this field will be exempt from any demographic progressions that are in place on your account, whether they be age or grade based.
The husband or wife relationship of the Primary Contact in a family unit.
Standard Reports
Reports that generate a list of people and their corresponding details based on criteria you specify.
The current status of a person or an item in your account.
Super Admin
A person with access to everything in the account.
An individual payment made to your church.
An individual who has logged into their Elvanto account and utilizing the software.
Somebody that helps out in your church (also see Departments).

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