By now you’ve made great progress! Next is access permissions!

Access permissions are important to securing your system, but they’re often over-complicated.

During your set up phase, think about who you will be giving access to the system. Everyone who has access will need an access permission. If you plan to release Elvanto to your church in stages, perhaps start off simple and only add access permissions for those who will be using the system first.


Access permissions are essentially just a tick-and-choose menu for your different roles. Simply select which areas you want which roles to be able to access.

Learn how to set up Access Permissions.

People Access and Groups Access

People and Groups are cases which often require a little more consideration.

People Access

Think about whether you want people to be able to see the details of everyone else in the system. If your church already has a public directory outside of Elvanto, most people in your church can already find this information, so you don’t have to worry so much about access.

If you do wish to limit access to People, you can do so in a number of ways. You can limit access to viewing people within groups they lead, people within groups they are a part of, or specified People Categories.

Groups Access

Groups Access works the same as People Access, except that it’s for Groups. If you have groups with people who would prefer others not to know they’re in the group (a Domestic Violence group, for example), then limiting access to Groups is a good idea.

If you wish to limit access to Groups, you can limit access to viewing only groups they lead, or to viewing groups they are a part of.

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