Considering that people today are more attached to their phones than dogs are to their owners, SMS is an important part of any church’s communication.

Integrating SMS in Elvanto

Before you can start contacting people through SMS, you have to integrate an SMS service.

Learn how to integrate SMS at this page.

Choosing a SMS service

There’s a collection of things to consider when you’re choosing an SMS service.

Depending on your country, there might be specific characters you will need to use. This will affect your choice. Here’s some more information on this.

If you know whether you need Unicode, and to what extent you’ll use GSM characters, this page can help you determine which SMS service is the best fit for your church.

Using SMS in Elvanto

Once you’ve integrated your SMS service into Elvanto, you’ll find that using SMS is pretty straight-forward.

Automatic messages

Whenever someone is rostered on for a service, they can be sent an SMS. You just have to set it up!

To see how to set up automatic messages, look at this page.

Because automatic messaging will send out a lot of messages, keep the total content of the message well below 160 characters so that you aren’t charged for two messages each time you send a reminder.

Other messages

When messaging people generally, sending an SMS works almost the same as when you SMS from your phone.

See how to compose an SMS at this page.

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