If you have been reading through our Account Setup guide then you’ve probably already set-up the following. But to recap, below is a list of fields and areas to consider as you work on setting up your account.

We recommend starting with configuring the data within your CSV first, and then adding new fields as you move forward with the system. You can always revisit these when you’re ready!

  1. People Categories (with additional custom fields)

  2. Locations

  3. Demographics

  4. Departments

  5. Groups

  6. Songs

  7. Service Types (for people and service attendance)

  8. Note Categories (for notes)

  9. Chart of Accounts (for financial)

Need us to review your account prior to importing?

Our customer service team are happy to check your account prior to import to ensure you’re ready to go! Feel free to contact us and we can give advice and review your import files! Just click on the chat bubble at the bottom right corner :) 

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