It’s an unfortunate fact of being human: our brains don’t always work how we want them to! Compensate forgetfulness with notes.

As you would have learned in our Learn the Features area, notes are pretty self-explanatory. Whoever writes them decides what it contains, and how much detail is put in.

When writing a note, you have the option to make it private. Doing so will ensure that only those with access to Private Notes can read it (great for pastoral care!).

Note Categories

Note Categories provide a great way to distinguish notes from one another. This is helpful for reporting, and people reading at-a-glance or wanting to look back at an older note. Note categories can be set up with different access permissions, so only people who need to can read them.

To see how to set up Note Categories, look at this page.

Scheduling notes

Sometimes you need to follow up someone, but don’t feel confident to do so because your relationship with them is not close enough. If that’s the case, don’t worry! You can request that someone else follow up by scheduling the note to them.

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