Go to Groups > Categories in the Admin area.

Click ‘Add Category’.

A finished category will look like this.

Setting up Group Category Details

Enter in the Name of the category, and give it a default color for groups to use in the calendar. If desired, you can also set a default Description for groups in this category.


Under the Notifications section, you can set what notifications you want sent out for groups in this category. You can also set if they are to go to the admins, or leaders, or both.

Logo and Group Category Admins

Upload a Logo to display for any groups that are assigned to this group category. Group Logos can be changed when a group has been created. You can also enter the names of the users that will be Admins of this Group Category

Custom Positions

Customize the Positions for the group. You can add in new positions using the Add button, and remove existing positions using the red Cross. To edit an existing positions name, click the pencil icon. By default, you always have ‘Leader’ and ‘Assistant Leader’.

Automatic Reminders

You can enable the system to send emails to automatically remind the group leaders to submit a ‘Group Attendance Report’. For full instructions, read this article.

Group Reporting Template

For each of the Custom Reporting or Notes Fields you want to hide, click on the Eye icon. Once hidden, the link should be renamed to ‘Show’. A hidden reporting or notes field will also be greyed out. Click here to see how to add extra reporting fields to the reporting template.

Reordering Group Categories

Once the Group Category has been added, navigate back to the Group Categories page. To change the order of how group categories appear, simply click the ‘Sort’ button and drag the group category into order.

If following along with Account Set Up: 

⬅️Go back to Account Set Up Overview

➡️ Go to How to mark people as Group Leaders

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