Print Stations are computers that have a label printer attached to them. They allow you to print labels from any device or computer that doesn’t have a label printer installed and is a great way for wireless devices to be used in the check-in process.

A Print Station works in the same way as a print queue. Once labels are sent to the Print Station, it will start printing labels on the connected label printer.

Adding Print Stations

Go to Settings and once the page loads, select Check-in.

Find the heading ‘Label Print Stations’ and add a name for your Print Station.

Note: the name of your Print Station doesn’t need to match your Computer Name. This is a ‘Print Station’ name you want to associate the computer with.

Once saved, simply navigate back to the Check-in page and click on the ‘Start Print Station’ button.

Print stations will need to have the Dymo software installed. Please read this article for more information.

Printing Labels from a Print Station

Go to the Check-in page on the navigation menu, and click on ‘Start Print Station’.

Select the name of the Print Station you’d like to print labels for and it will start checking for new labels to print. You will need to leave this page open in a separate tab or window as it needs to be opened to pick up any new labels sent to the Print Station. Read more on how to check-in adults or children here.

Printing Labels from a wireless device or computer without a label printer attached

When you open the Check-in page from a device without a printer connected, it will give you an option to select the Print Station you would like to use. Firstly, select the Print Station to direct printing to, and you can continue to use the device for the Check-in process.

Checking-in from the Print Station computer

The computer being used for the Print Station can still be used to Check-in people for the Service.

Using Multiple Print Stations

Multiple print stations allow you to have different stations for your rooms and even at use them at different locations at once. When printing, simply select the Print Station you want to print to before commencing checkin. You’re also able to set a default Print Station to print to in room settings, which is especially handy when checking people in.

Start Printing Labels for your Services

Once this has been set up, you’re ready to start checking people in for your services.

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