Currently the check-in system supports DYMO label printers. For more information on supported label printers, see this article.

Important Notes:

  • A computer running Windows or MacOS must be used to perform label printing. There is no work around that we support.

  • We only support the DYMO label printers in this article.

For the printer to work, you will need to install the following software for it to work.

We try to keep the below software download links up to date, but DYMO has a habit of changing the download website addresses quite frequently. Please contact us if they do not work at the chat bubble below! 

Software for Windows

Below is the software required for label printing on Windows machines.

Please note: We do not currently support the more modern "Dymo Connect" software yet. We hope to support this in the future.

Software for MacOS

Below is the software required for label printing on Mac machines.

Please note: After the software is installed, restart your computer before trying to print labels.

If you are experiencing any issues, read our troubleshooting article for further assistance.

Tablet and Smart Phone label printing

You can print labels from your iPad, iPhone, Android or any other internet enabled device. For details on setup, read this help file.

While the DYMO LabelWriter Wireless is able to print from an iOS or Android device using the DYMO Connect app, we are unable to use it to print via the browser on iOS or Android devices at this point in time.

What label printer versions work with Elvanto?

More details on label printers that work with Elvanto can be found in this article.

What size labels work with Elvanto?

We support various label sizes. The labels you use need to be landscape orientation so that all information and logos fit.

To view and select your label size, log into your account and go to Settings and select Check-in. If we don’t support your label size, email us and we’ll try to add it in for you.

Troubleshooting your printer

If your printer is not working after following our installation instructions above, view our troubleshooting guide.

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