Volunteer scheduling in Elvanto is done for each service individually, and utilizes information inputted from within your departments to allocate people to positions.

Within each service, you have the option to use either the inbuilt auto-scheduling feature, manually add volunteers or even use both. You can also assign call times, which is handy for any pre-service meetings you might have.

As well as being able to edit services individually, you can select to edit multiple services at once by using the edit multiple services feature, which comes in handy when rostering several weeks in advance. You can also drag and drop volunteers between services making it much faster to create rosters.


Any user stored in your database can be marked as a volunteer. A volunteer can be assigned which department positions they serve in and what service types they serve at. Once a volunteer, they’re able to be scheduled on to serve at any of your services and view their roster.

Each volunteer should have their own unique username and password so they’re able to log in and view their roster, as well as confirm and decline positions if enabled in Service Settings.

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