Groups at their most basic level allow you to create and manage different types of groups in your church. Groups can function as powerful tools for providing pastoral care, communicating between leaders and reporting on attendance. You could create groups for your small groups that meet during the week, hobby groups or ministry groups, for example.

Group Leaders

Each group can have assigned leaders and assistant leaders. As a leader of a group, you’re able to create group events for the Events Calendar, view activity about what changes have been made to group information, and see when people are added. You can also edit group information and submit attendance reports.

As discussed in the Access Permissions article earlier, it’s also possible to lock down leaders so they can only view the groups they lead.

My Groups

Groups can be enabled in the Member area, allowing group members to see which groups they’re a part of and who the other members are and who the leaders of the group are. This allows group members to communicate with each other directly.

The difference between Groups and Departments

Groups are not to be confused with Departments. Keep in mind that Groups are used for any type of people group, and Departments are used to record the different areas in church where volunteers serve.

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