Super Admins are exactly that – they have superpowers that allow global access within the account. Assigning a person as a Super Admin will give them access to everything, and we mean everything.

This includes viewing all private notes, financial records and the ability to change account settings and billing information. The purpose of a Super Admin is so that you always have at least one person who can access and control the account.

Making a person a Super Admin will override any access permissions assigned to them, so only assign people you completely trust as a Super Admin. There shouldn’t be any reason to have more than two or three Super Admins. Things like managing billing and changing settings are best maintained by only a couple of people who you trust and know what they are doing.

Assigning people as Super Admins

Since a Super Admin has access to view and edit everything within your account, it’s best to limit this to one or two individuals. For all other users, use Access Permissions to allocate access within the account.

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