People Notes are notes that are attached to a person’s profile. They are able to be locked down and categorized, as well as assigned and scheduled to be followed up by another person in the system.

People Notes are also useful for storing information about the individual that isn’t anywhere else in the system. For example, you might want to record when a person is released from hospital, or any significant pastoral care issues. Notes can be categorized and restricted to only certain Access Permissions.

Short Hand Notes

One of the great things about notes is that it allows you to create short hand follow ups with the ‘schedule’ tool. Use this feature if you have pastoral care follow ups you want to do ad-hoc. You could schedule a note to be followed up by Susan on Mary’s profile, for example.

Access to Private Notes

The option of private notes is particularly handy for ministry notes that contain extra sensitive information. For example, any high-level pastoral care information or specific security needs. Private notes creates an extra level of restriction for your system – only people you specifically grant access to will be able to see them.

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