People Flows allow you to set up and track the different processes that occur in your church in a systematic and step-by-step flow. An example of how you might use a People Flow could be for a process you have for people who express interest in volunteering in the church. How is this facilitated by your pastoral team or church leaders?

You might have a step which calls for a department leader to have a meeting with the person, or a step which includes an invitation to a practice night. Assigning flow administrators and actions via people flows can ensure no one gets missed within these processes, and provides an extra level of accountability.

Another example might be a process for new people. After their first service, the process might be to send them an email or make a follow-up phone call, then invite them to a church event. Your church might have a flow for new Christians, which guide them through the right courses and connect them into a small group. All this can be facilitated within People Flows.

People Flows can be very powerful if set-up correctly.

Using People Flows

Most processes you have in your church that involve people should be put into a People Flow. This ensures no one is missed.

Here's a helpful article on this process! 

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