Why is this fee being charged?

In some cases, you may see an extra charge on your card called an ‘international transaction fee’ or similar. Some banks and card providers will add the extra fee on top of the cost, so the total you see is slightly higher than what your invoice will say.

Sometimes the charge will not be clearly labeled, so you would need to contact your bank to confirm why it is being added. Please be assured that Tithe.ly ChMS is only charging exactly what we quoted you.

It typically appears to be 1-3% of the invoice cost that is added on to the total or charged separately to your card.

Who is getting that money?

The extra fee is going to the bank itself (who may pass it on to the card provider like VISA, for example), and not to Tithe.ly ChMS. We are only getting the exact amount we show in your invoice, and we are not able to tell if the additional fee is being taken (otherwise we would note that in the invoice).

How can I avoid paying it?

The only other option would be to pay using PayPal, but unfortunately you can not set-up automatic billing through PayPal.

Some banks or card providers might have credit cards that waive international transaction fees, but this is usually at an extra cost to you.

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