You can integrate your existing Google Calendar into your Events Calendar.

To do so, simply log into your Google Calendar account. On the left menu, find the calendar you want to embed, click options button to the right of it, and click ‘Settings and sharing’

When the page loads, make sure you check the ‘Make available to public’ box if it isn’t already checked You also want to make sure the calendar is set to ‘See all event details’ in the dropdown menu on the right.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find “Integrate calendar” and copy the Calendar ID from there.

Once you have your Calendar ID, you can now create a new calendar and paste the address into the Google Calendar field.

These calendars can take several hours to populate data, as Google caches the data they make available, as such it can take time for it to become available for our server.

If your Google Calendar still isn’t working…

If you have set up all the correct sharing settings in your account as per above but your Google Calendar still does not load, the most common issue is that you’re using an organization-wide Google Apps account and not a personal Gmail account. The organization-wide sharing settings might be blocking your Google Calendar from being shared.

To address this issue, you will need to ask the administrator of your Google Apps account to change the sharing settings for the Calendars in your organization’s Google Apps account. More information on changing calendar settings can be found on the Google website.

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