Setting up Member Directory

Once the page loads you can enable the Member Directory and change a number of different settings about how the Directory behaves, as well as renaming the directory and excluding certain people categories or demographics.

Directory name and enable/disable

This section allows you to Enable the Member Directory, or Disable it if you no longer wish to use the feature. You can also give it a custom name, which will update how it’s displayed in the Member Area.

View Options

The View Options section gives you a number of choices about how you want people to be displayed in the directory

  • Display OptionsWhen showing individuals only, it will always list each individual person by themWhen showing families only, each family will be a result, and after selecting the right family you can then select an individualWhen showing both families and individuals, the person viewing the directory can switch between views as desired

  • Default View – This is only useful if showing both Families and Individuals. This just lets the admins set which one should load first, and the individuals can change the view later

  • Individual Sort Options – This lets you control if people are sorted by their firstname or their lastname. This only applies in Individual view. When viewing as a family, we will sort alphabetically by the lastname of the family.

  • Preferred Name Display – This controls how you want the First and Preferred name to be displayed. In the options given, Stephen is the First Name, and Steve is the preferred name.

Exclusions and Inclusions

This section of the settings lets you control who doesn’t and does always appear.

The Exclusions area allows you to tell the system which people you want to always be hidden from the directory. This is primarily used for hiding children and other vulnerable people from view and to keep their details safer. People who don’t match these criteria are then able to be displayed, as long as they’re an Active user and have been set to appear.

In the ‘Always Include’ People area you can also add in any names of people or leaders in your church who should always be shown in the directory. This is great to set up people who should be the first point of contact for any people in the church, such as the Senior Pastor, Administration staff or the Welcoming Team. These people will always appear, regardless of directory lockdowns, their demographics or people category, and regardless of their personal privacy settings.

Other Settings

There are other settings you may wish to implement for your Member Directory.

How to Automatically Add Newly Created People to the Member Directory

Select the first box under ‘Other Settings’ and then select which People Categories you want to add to the Member Directory. Whenever a new member is added into the system and placed inside one of the chosen people categories, they will automatically be set to appear.

Note: Moving a person into a chosen category will not automatically set them to appear, only adding entirely new members to that category will do it. Also note that we only display active users, so those marked as a Contact or Archived will not appear.

Setting up an opt-in process for new people added

Select the second box under ‘Other Settings’ for this. When this option is selected, whenever a member is added into the Member Directory, either automatically or otherwise, they will be sent an email asking them to confirm or decline if they want to appear in the member directory.

Note: The user does not need to login to accept or decline these requests. They do need to be an active user to appear though.

Setting up Layout & Display Fields

To change the layout of the fields in the member directory, you’ll need to navigate to the Layout tab of the settings.

Editing the layout of the Member Directory works the same way as editing a People Category layout. Simply click and drag fields into the dotted area, and select which columns to display in the Member Directory view.

The below area determines the information shown when viewing an individuals profile within the directory.

To select which columns to display, drag and drop any ‘Available Fields’ to the Display Fields area. This determines the information shown in the list view.

Note that on the mobile app, Columns to Display are not shown. So, for information you always want people to be able to find, make sure it’s in Layout, as opposed to Fields to Display.

If working through Account Set Up: 

⬅️Go back to Account Set Up Overview

➡️ Go to Member Directory Settings

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