Forms allow you to collect information to be utilized in the database. They can be accessed via a link, or embedded into another website. Forms can also be configured to accept event registrations.

Adding a New Form

When adding a form, you have two types of forms you can add, Standard or Registration. Both work the same except that the latter allows you to accept registration for events.

Customizing Your Form

After creating your form, it will bring you to the page where you can edit more details. You can customize things like colors and you will see a section where you can add questions and fields to your form under ‘Form Layout’. On the right you will see different options to add to your form – expand the menus by clicking the plus button, then you can drag and drop the appropriate fields over onto your form.

You can utilize existing custom fields that you set-up for your People Categories or create new custom fields specific to forms by expanding the ‘Form Custom Fields’ and selecting ‘Add Custom Field’. You can customize what type of field or question you wish to create, then click the ‘Save’ button.

Please note while they look and work the same way as creating custom fields in a People Category, a Form Custom Field cannot be used in a People Category Layout.

Configuring what happens when the form is submitted

You can customize your form to trigger different options when a person submits a form. First, you have to choose whether you would like a person’s profile to be automatically updated or not and whether it needs to be approved first.

You can add in the names of people who will administer the form. They will be the ones approving submissions if enabled.

Approving the submission involves checking that the database has correctly linked the form submission to the person’s profile on the database and that all information is correct.

The ‘Actions’ options work very similar to automated actions when creating a People Flow, simply choose an option from the drop down menu and follow the prompts. You can add multiple actions by clicking the green plus button next to the item.

Once you are happy with the layout and options click on the ‘Save’ button and you are ready to use your form.

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